Upcoming Places you Can see me. 

You should come. 

You'll laugh. 

July 28


Columbia MD

July 31

7pm & 9pm

Winchester VA

Aug 1


Annapolis MD

Aug 5


Timonium MD

Aug 7


Waynesboro PA

Aug 12


Baltimore MD

Aug 18


Woodstock MD

Aug 21


Carlisle PA

Rough Edges Brewery Comedy Show 

Tommy Sinbazo headlines 

Erik (me) features 

Ashley Pontius ( wonderfully hosts) 

How to get tickets? Weird. 

So like they can mail them? IDK. just come early if you see this. I want to put a bullet in my brain because there's no EASY way to buy them right now.  link to their shit website.


Andy Kline Headlines and Ya boy is backing him up in the feature spot. Not to mention the great Andy Kline is headlining this thing. Banger of a show. 

Return to the mighty Bright Box Theatre. 

Die Laughing Productions presents our finest Comedy Murder Mystery 


Return to Ramshead On Stage !!!! 

Die Laughing Productions presents our finest Comedy Murder Mystery 


Magooby's Joke House 

Die Laughing Productions presents our most 90's  Comedy Murder Mystery 

Hit Me 90's One More Time!!! 

Zissimo's Lou Room. 

God, I swear just come here around like 7:30 or 8 PM . Its a real show... Their website gives zero information that its a thing... but my dear friend Beth Haydon booked me so I know shes on the show.... IDK if I'm doing 5 mins or 50 mins but I will be here. So fucking come you cuck. 
1023 West 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211 


Main Stage Laughs

Okay... this one's at the Main Stage Grille. its in woodstock. Its 8$... There will probably be an eventbrite to sell tickets... But who knows. Just check like facebook and Insta for more updates... I suck a twitter... also... fuck it. Just come I'll let you in if you actually read this. Don't even Attempt to click the Tickets button I won't update it. This one has to be an adventure you just fucking commit to. 

Comedy and Wine

So Gary Limoge Jr Booked me on this.... I may be Co-headlining? I have no idea. There's a shit ton of people who I may know on the show but I'm not sure, but like when I meet them if they kind of recognize me I'll be turbo cordial. Some folks named Jillian, Matthew, Andrew, and Charles are on the show. It does sound like the whitest show ever but there is one black dude out of the names mentioned. Anyhow no link... i guess reserve a table? 

110 S Hanover St. Carlisle, PA 17013