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Quality Time

Flagship show of Erik Comedy. Erik, his mentally ill brother Jeremy and Kim Break down the greatest movies in history, and riddle them with dick jokes and music. Give a recent one a try... Then go back. Then give us money. 


Erik is now an official member of the Laughfinder Podcast.  

The Laughfinder podcast is the ultimate guilty pleasure for listeners who are gamers and nerds at heart. This will never be the official podcast of Pathfinder®, but it’s the podcast that Pathfinder people listen to when their boss isn’t looking. Click on the Laughfinder logo to start listening. 


Erik Woodworth, John Goodwyn and Evan Lappen. Men with too many head injuries talking about rugby.

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We don't do new episodes anymore... But its still up. Convince me to bring it back.


The Rugby Guys 

Other fun stuff

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